My favorite music links and stuff I have been listening to lately


I really hope to an awesome tribute to the Beatles and Rich Mullins some day. 

Here are some of my favorite musicians and bands and some links to them.

Of course I usually get my daily dosage of both Rich Mullins and the Beatles, but mixed in with them I have been listening to Cat Stevens, Mitch McVicker, Peter Mulvey "Ten Thousand Mornings", Carolyn Arends "Travelers" as much Andrew Peterson as I can get.


I compiled a list of the top Rich Mullins and Beatles albums and concluded that they are all good. So here is my list:



A Liturgy, a legacy and a ragamuffin band


Abbey Road

The World as best as I can remember vol. 1


White Album (particularly sides 1,2)

Jesus Record


Rubber Soul

Canticle of the Plains

(co written and produced by Rich)


Never Picture Perfect


Sgt. Pepper

Songs 1


Let it Be

Brothers Keeper


Hard Days Night

The world as best as I can remember vol. 2


With the Beatles

Winds of Heaven... stuff of Earth


Past Masters II

Songs 2


Magical Mystery Tour

CD that accompanies an Arrow Pointing to Heaven


For Sale

Pictures in the Sky



Rich Mullins (self titled)


Please Please me

Rich Mullins tribute album

Past Masters I

I love to draw the contrasts from the beginning, middle and end of the Beatles' career and I find myself doing the same with Rich Mullins.


Paul Simon deserves his own web page on myrooftop, for now just know that I respect and admire his style of folk more than any other. He is in a league with Rich and the Beatles and with Art Garfunkel compiled 5 outstanding albums.


Top 5 Simon and Garfunkel albums:


Paul Simon's solo stuff is very good. Particularly: Rhythm of the Saints, Graceland, You're the One, and Concert in the Park 1991 (especially for disc 2).


Other artists of note:

Mitch McVicker - Mitch has three albums that are all quite good.


a Ragamuffin band - the band that Rich assembled to create the Liturgy Legacy masterpiece. They have recently split up, but were quite successful on the Jesus Record and had a lesser known album called "Prayers of a Ragamuffin" that has some very good songs on it.

This Train - a very loud band featuring Mark Robertson of A Ragamuffin Band, Jordan Richter and Cobra Joe. Lots of fun... and loud.

Folk artist Peter Mulvey from Milwaukee has a great unique sound. I enjoy all of his albums... some of which you can only find on his website.


Beatles Abbey Road, a poll and links


Simon and Garfunkel

Mitch McVicker

Peter Mulvey