For all the die hard Green Bay Packer fans who love fantasy football but cannot seem to reconcile within themselves certain inherit flaws that seem to betray loyalty and fidelity toward the Green Bay Packers,  here are my tried and true principles for fantasy football that allow Green Bay Packer fans to sleep well at night.

There are certain rules that I have followed over the years and I have been quite successful.  


1)    Never take joy in something bad for the Packers

2)    Never ever draft nor pick up any Vikings

3)    Never draft nor pick up any Cowboys

4)    Never play a player against the Green Bay Packers (even in tough years like 2004)

5)    NEVER NEVER NEVER draft Randy Moss

The following apply, but to a lesser degree.  The first five are cardinal rules.  

6)    Never draft nor pick up any Bears.  This makes good fantasy sense because their offense is typically anemic.

7)   Pick up the defense playing the Bears.  Cutler is good for several INTs a week.

8)    Avoid Detroit Lions and always refer to rule 4 when drafting them.

9)    If he ever coaches again, avoid Dennis Green teams as he is still closely associated with the Vikings and their often dirty playing.  Refer to rule 4 when taking any.

10)    Never cheer for an injury... I don't wish ill on anyone... God still loves Randy Moss even if no one likes him.