The Beatles


When the Beatles came together something special happened in music. John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote like few in history with fantastic albums and cheeky wit. I do not intend to exclude George Harrison who had some very good songs and was clearly a key figure that I respect immensely; however, the Lennon/McCartney duo of song writing is the bulk of the Beatles music. Someday I hope to create a huge archive of their songs and really obscure things I like about them. I have started a tribute to Abbey Road the greatest album ever assembled.


Although they collaborated, generally speaking, whoever sang primarily wrote the song. Let me try to debunk the theory regarding the styles of John and Paul. Paul was not just a ballad writer and John was not just the rocker. The Beatles focused on great music and they each had a soft and hard side to them. Paul's "Oh Darling" and John's "In my Life" typify two great songs that break the stereotype each seems to hold.


For now I have created a poll and links to most of their music.

My Tribute to Abbey Road


Lyrics, Chords and much more

Albums and songs

 Very Good Beatle Page






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